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The Family Office Database provides entrepreneurs, startups and corporations England UK, a profitable and time saving tool to connect with global family offices and investors. The Family Office Database is packed with information needed to lay the groundwork for successful relationship building and valuable lead generation.

The Family Office Database was designed as a tool to raise capital and reach UHNW Family Office Investors. Our clients get invaluable information at their fingertips for over 5,000+ decision-makers from 2,500+ individual Family Office Firms with AUM of nearly $5 Trillion. Our goal as we further develop our platform is to engage the Family Offices within our network to better understand their investment objectives. With these valuable details, we can better connect affluent Family Offices with our clients’ well-suited deal flow.

The Family Office Database consists of global:

  • Select Family Trusts

  • Single Family Offices

  • Single Investor Private Equity Firms

  • Single Investor Hedge/Venture Capital funds

  • Select Family Foundations (family controlled)

  • Multi Family Offices (a group of several single family offices)

  • Multi family firms where registered investment advisors Wealth Managers/Investment Managers/Asset Managers) manage multi family investments

The Family Office Database has been helping entrepreneurs, startups and corporations connect with global Family Offices and investors for the purposes of raising finance and marketing their products/services. We have an extensive experience in this sector and can work with you in a number of ways to help you

towards your desired outcome. 

Our clients are worldwide and span a wide range of industries, including:

banking, finance, technology, healthcare, energy, real estate, fashion, sports and entertainment. 

For any enquiries about The Family Office Database,

please contact us on

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